De Hoolter Daansers

Folkloristische Boerendansgroep


 De Hoolter Da├ónsers


The dancers from Holten


Our folkorix group of country dancers has been set up in March 1978. It's aim was to propagate and to maintain the old folklore of AD 1900 in Holten, in a sensible way, both in dance and clothes.


Our club consists of 13 dancing couples and 4 accordeonplayers, aged between 30 and 60.b


Our costumes are;

The sunday and the daily costume, both copied the most sensible way. The goffered cap witch is worn in the sunday costume is still an original one.


Our dancing programme consistst of authentic dancers about 1900, preformed on wooden shoes and accompanied by music of the accordions.


We give different performances especially for homes for the elderly and for nursing homes, but also for campingsites, fairs, wedding etc.


Even abroad at folk festivals, including Danmark, Germany, Belgium, France and America we score lot of success.

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